Il Cortese

Rosso Piceno DOC

colleonorato vini, bottiglie verdicchio dei castelli di Jesi classico superiore DOC prologo e la giostra , rosso Piceno DOC il cortese, vino rosato, Bag in box da 5 litri, ancona, Jesi, marche, Italia, degustazioni.


The vineyard is located in Sant'Urbano, Apiro, in a beautiful valley on the border between the province of Macerata and Ancona, at about 400 meters a.s.l.



An extension of 0.5 hectares,15 years old, with a production of 70q / Ha. 



40% Montepulciano, 40% Sangiovese, 10% Lacrima, 10% Merlot. 



About 13.0 % . 



The bunches are carefully selected, in the youngest part of the vineyard, handpicked and placed in boxes. In the cellar the stalks are removed from the grapes and then placed in stainless steel tanks, here the must undergoes maceration for 10 days with the skins at a temperature of 25/30 degrees, and subjected to hand plunging 3 times per day, so as to allow submerged cap fermentation. The next step is racking, subjecting the wine to soft pressing at 1.0 atmospheres. 



The wine is aged for about 14 months in steel tanks completely filled and blanketed with Argon or Nitrogen, and every 30 days it is worked with Batonnage. The wine continues its aging in bottle for about another 3 months before marketing.

ColleOnorato Soc. Agr. S.S.

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